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I Got My OLPC XO Friday.

Friday I got my OLPC XO laptop yes it took a lot longer for them to ship to Canada than the USA but I finally have it and will bring it to school all next week. Since all you lucky Americans got your XO’s a lot faster than us I’m not going to post about the specs or the software because everyone that got it before me has done that, but the computer works great so far, and the most impressive thing for me is the web cam, I have never had a web cam before so now I do.

I doubt after the novelty wears off that I will use the computer much but I still think it was a good purchase for the following reasons:

  • I donated to a good cause and providing children in the third world with computers to access knowledge is a great thing.
  • Its a bit of geek history, I think that the XO really kicked off the micro computer market and is responsible for other computers like the eeePC.
  • Its really good fun watching people try to open it (I saw a great video of this and will add it in later if I can find it) and makes a great conversation peace.

I know I haven’t posted much lately and I do have something else I’m working on I promise to try and post soon.


  1. Avi says:

    Some of us Americans are still waiting for ours…

    I received today an email from OLPC that I will receive an update by 1/23/08 on when to expect to receive the XO. I think that they just cannot make them fast enough. Nothing against our neighbors from the north. :-)

  2. earobinson says:

    Avi — Ya the problem I had with it was that I ordered mine on the first day and still had to wait that long!

  3. Nathan Dbb says:

    If it was lighter it could be a good ebook reader and media player. As it is, I expect that it could become the next NSLU2, and be used as a home server. It has built-in many of the peripherals that people have added to the NSLU2, and only costs twice as much (“$200″ vs. $90 USD).

    It would need an external drive and an Ethernet USB adapter. The battery backup can provide a few hours of use and a clean shutdown when the power goes out, and the battery works for the drive also if you use 2.5″ bus-powered disks.

    With PulseAudio you should be able to route audio from your laptop to the XO that could stay plugged into your stereo. It has WiFi built in and in AP mode it could replace the need for a separate access point.

    It is much faster then the NSLU2, has 8x the RAM, and can use standard x86-compiled packages. If only they would keep selling them, it could become the next hot linux device.

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