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A planet to call my own

I love planets, both the ones in the sky’s, and the ones on the web. But this post is about the latter. One of the things about the web is that you have profiles everywhere, and while openID partly solves this problem allowing me to use one user name to authenticate everywhere it does not solve the problem that people have to visit a bunch of different sites to find out about me. They need to visit my facebook profile to find out what I’m up to, last.FM to see what music I’m into, Digg to see what I’m digging (but I can never decide if I like Digg or not), and the list goes on. I guess if something really important happens, like the launch of Ubuntu brainstorm, I can always blog about it or Digg it but I’m not about to go blogging or digging everything I see. There are a few facebook apps that allow me to display my google reader info on my facebook page and thats kinda cool but I want it all in one place.

My solution planet earobinson, this lets me put any content I have with a rss feed onto my own personal planet its kinda what I’m up to everywhere and until I find a better way to link all my content into one place I’m sticking with it. Google’s open social has some promise but as of right now i’m only linked to my last.FM profile.

So how do you keep all your content in one place?


  1. Nico says:

    I’m using Netvibes as my feed aggregator.

    That used to covers all the external feeds coming to me.

    Netvibes just added the concept of personal “universes” that you can open to the world. You can put all the subscriptions that you would like to share, and these could include your own personal feeds (, blog, facebook, etc…).

    It only contains my blog and my feeds, but this is the concept.

  2. earobinson says:

    Thats actually really cool, I had a netvibes account at one point, but then I switched to google reader, and now I just use a wiki

  3. Orrin says:

    Speaking of liking or not liking Digg. Since I read Digg via Google Reader, I tend to mark something as “Share” in Google Reader instead of “digging” it on Digg. I think this is a much more universal way of sharing bookmarks or interesting links with others because it doesn’t rely on 1 website, any item from a feed in Reader can be marked as Share.

  4. Nico says:

    The “activities” thingy on the top can be populated with stuff that attracted my attention within my personal space.

    I have placed your post in there, with my reaction to it. i guess it is a bit of a mini-blog…

  5. earobinson says:

    @Orrin I do love google reader for that, I feel a planet take its a step further (my planet reads my google reader, google note book and more)

  6. moo says: does something similar

  7. earobinson says:

    Looks like both tumblr and mugshot provide what I want, but so does the planet, now I’m torn.

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