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Tweet Flow

With all the posts on planet ubuntu lately about twitter it got me thinking about my micro-blogging habits and how I update my online status in general. I started using twitter about a year ago, and since then I have become quite the huge micro-blogger. However a while ago I stopped thinking about it as twittering or identi.caing (?) and started thinking about it as updating my online status.

To understand why let me tell you what happens when I make a tweet (I think twitter has won the terminology war). When I want to tweet something I open up gwibber (thank Jono)and fire off my update, gwibber then updates my pidgin (MSN and Google Talk) status as well as my account (If I am not at home I go directly to then  updates my twitter account that then posts the updated to my website, and my facebook.

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What I really like about this setup is that all of these services have the built in ability to update each other. I know I could also use something like to do the job but currently I have no need, just by updating one account I can update all my online profiles status.

So what’s your tweet flow like?

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  1. imbrandon says:

    The problem I see with a “tweet” flow like this ( and the reason I dont use a similar flow ) is the MSN and Jabber status are about like the Facebook status and possibly like your website status, all pretty static and serve the flow you intend, to let people know your “status”. But Twitter and are more “conversations” ( abet slower than IRC or IM ) and that flow dosent take that into account for replies and direct messages as they would not make sense to update your IM status with a reply to someone on Twitter. Twitter used as a glorified RSS of your status is wrong IMHO, should be used to engage and interact with your twitter audience like a blog with comments, IMHO blogs with comments disabled are kinda pointless. But whats worse is you cant “turn off” comments in twitter like you can on a blog to atleaste let the party “following” you know you will likely never contribute to the conversation.

  2. I’m wondering how long it will take until you (or someone) inadvertently starts an update loop, and what will happen then.

  3. Dread Knight says:

    @Marius lol

    I wonder if there’s something similar for KDE…..
    if not, will just use gwibber.. heh

  4. earobinson says:

    @Marius lol I had wondered the same thing!

    @Dread Knigh not suer I have always been a gnome guy sry.

  5. earobinson says:

    @imbrandon I think that’s a really good point. I know for me before twitter I never used to change my facebook, or pidgin status.

    As for replies not making sense, well my facebook status actually filters out all replies, so thats not a problem. My website as you can see in the top right of this page links back to my twitter letting people get up to date on the convo.

    Replying on gwibber can reply only to your twitter or account.

    I do think you make a really good point however, I guess for me I never used to update any of it before and now I do so people can read my status anywhere in my twitter flow and join the conversation. Filtering @ replies from my twitter flow with more than just facebook is something I think I will look into.

  6. earobinson says:

    I also think its neat to point out that all the open source tools are higher on my tweet flow than the close source ones!

  7. Jim Campbell says:

    I once mistakenly set things up so that my twitter account updated, and updated twitter… Yes, my tweets & dents really did go around in a loop. I had about 7 notices indicating that I was reading a certain book before I realized what was going on, and broke the cycle. :)

  8. earobinson says:

    @jim, hope it was a good book!

  9. I’m a big fan of I use it to update MySpace and LinkedIn as status updates (though I started updating MySpace for micro-blog posts as well, since they gained some Twitter envy and adjusted their Facebook-envy home page a bit). Also, just added support for Facebook Pages, so that helps on my musician page. (I also update Brightkite and FriendFeed.)

    I blast out general messages through, but for @replies and more targeted conversations I just use the appropriate network (which is why I was hesitate to use the bridge — sometimes I’m having a conversation on, and not on Twitter).

    Big fan of Gwibber, too. I have that setup with as well (though, I often update through Ubiquity).

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